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The Seaboard Transport Group of Companies serves a wide variety of industries both directly and through its member companies. With a long history of safe, reliable and professional service, we have the equipment, personnel and experience to ensure your needs are met and your expectations are exceeded.

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The Petroleum Industry belmont stakesis a high-volume industry involving a limited number of major players.  As volumes fluctuate substantially based on external and economic factors, petroleum carriers must have the flexibility to react and adapt quickly to changing demands.

As a specialized industry, retaining experienced drivers and operations personnel is essential to success and Seaboard Transport Group has some of the most experienced drivers and operations personnel in the industry.

Member Companies Servicing the Petroleum Industry
Core Services
  • Bulk fuel deliveries to service stations
  • Commercial fuel deliveries to bulk plants and cardlocks
  • Plant to plant movements
  • Propane delivery service to bulk plants

Resource & Mining

The Resource & Mining industry is heavily dependent on mineral pricing and the economy, making it difficult to provide stable, ratable business volumes to prospective transportation service companies. With a solid understanding of the industry and the challenges it presents as well as a proven track record of success in the industry, Seaboard Transport Group is well positioned to offer custom overland transportation plans to potential clients. We belmont stakestake pride in our ability to effectively meet our clients’ needs and in developing partnerships with these clients to move products safely over the road. Seaboard works tirelessly on behalf of its Resource and Mining customers to deliver inputs needed for their operations and to load and transport the resources produced.

Member Companies Servicing the Resource & Mining Industry


The transportation of chemicals involves consideration of several important factors, including the logistics of loading, unloading and transit times and the safe and secure transit of the product while in the carrier’s custody. In addition, due to the volatility and sensitivity of some chemicals to contaminants and environmental factors such as temperature, handling and transport procedures must be strictly followed. As the first road transportation company in Canada to become a Responsible Care Transportation Partner, our customers can trust that we will provide superior service and environmental stewardship through professional and accountable people and processes.

Core Services
  • Bulk Liquid and Bulk Dry Chemical transport
  • Dedicated Van transport freight services
  • belmont stakesDry Bulk and Liquid Bulk metered delivery services
  • Third Party Transport Logistics services


Transportation within the agricultural industry is a critical step in moving goods from farm to table. It often requires highly specialized equipment and product handling procedures which ensure agricultural products are delivered safely and securely.

With deep roots in Western Canada, Seaboard Transport Group has the expertise required to transport many agricultural products such as grains, canola and fertilizers used in the cultivation of crops. We are not limited to road transport services, as we are uniquely positioned to offer transload services from rail to truck or truck to rail. We pride ourselves on the ability to offer these modes of transport within the agricultural industry while maintaining exceptional safe handling and transport procedures.

Member Companies Servicing the Agricultural Industry


There is an increasingly heavy reliance on courier services for business-to-business, business-to-consumer service due to a shift in commerce to a more digital, online platform. Loads being delivered securely, reliably and on time are critical to this business model.

As part of a network of transportation systems involved in the movement of parcels and mail within Canada, Seaboard Transport belmont stakes bettingGroup leverages its modern Long-Combination equipment, proven reliability and safe and secure transport practices to ensure deliveries are made on time, every time without compromise.

Member Companies Servicing the Courier Industry
  • Seaboard Transport


Maintaining product quality is critical in the transportation of grocery products by truck. Perishable goods are sensitive to time and temperature changes, non-perishable goods must be free of damage during transport and availability of products at market are dependent on reliable, on-time delivery. Seaboard Transport Group offers specialized temperature-controlled service to ensure your goods arrive on time, fresh and in prime condition, ready for sale.

Overnight delivery regionally from Quebec and within the Maritimes is available for food and grocery products, handled by a dedicated team of experienced professionals who ensure secure delivery every step of the way.

Member Companies Servicing the Grocery Industry
  • Seaboard Transport


The transport of bulk food and food-grade materials is heavily regulated to ensure the safety and integrity of the products for use in food manufacturing. It is imperative that a bulk food carrier is committed to exceptionally high standards in the areas of equipment design, belmont stakes 2024cleanliness and load security. 

With industry-leading safety standards and an experienced professional team, Seaboard Transport Group can deliver a variety of food-grade products safely and without compromising product integrity.  Seaboard has well-defined equipment maintenance and cleaning procedures, as well as expertise in offering temperature-controlled shipments, and can confidently transport food grade products and chemicals that are free of contamination and safe for use in food manufacturing processes.

Member Companies Servicing the Food Industry